Black Friday

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Undernoted are only some of the amazing Black Friday Specials available.

We have even more specials
launching at Midnight tonight !

If you are Travelling soon either on holiday or business, contact XL Oceanair Travel and make the most of all the Black Friday offers.  Great savings to be made !

Eligibility: Tariffs are valid for NEW individual bookings only
Flight Application: The fare component must be on one or more of the following:
Advanced Reservation and Ticketing: Reservations are required for all sectors.
Waitlist and standby not permitted.
For bookings made on 28-NOV-2019, ticketing to be completed within 24 hours.

Above are only selection of availability with Air Namibia.  All Bookings subject to availabilty at time of booking and terms and conditions apply.Maximum Stay: 4 Months
Stopovers: Not permitted
Combinations: Permitted. The most restrictive conditions apply.
Travel Restriction: Travel must commence on/after 28-NOV-2019
and complete on/before 31-MAR-2020
Blackout period: 20-DEC-2019 until 05-JAN-2020
Sales Restriction: 28 to 29 NOV 2019  ***********2 DAY ONLY SALE ***********


Priority Access will offer Economy guests the choice to enhance their airport experience. The product will include the following priority services which are designed to expedite the airport process: priority check-in, priority boarding & priority bag tags

Product Overview
Skip the queues
Guests would be eligible to check in at the priority check-in counter

Identification: When a guest purchases the ancillary a unique identifier will appear in the booking
Board first
Guests would be eligible to board the aircraft in the premium queue

Identification: Once a guest purchases the ancillary the boarding zone on their boarding pass will be updated to match premium guests
Get your bag and Go
Guests luggage would be tagged with a priority baggage tag and delivered first on arrival

Identification: Once a guest purchases the ancillary their will be a unique indicator on the booking to ensure the bag is delivered with premium checked luggage
Why you should use a Travel Agent, now more than ever.Get V.I.P. treatment at no extra cost.
Most travel advisors are members of a consortium, which negotiates special rates and perks on behalf of their clients, from free cocktails and room upgrades upon arrival, to spa treatments and late checkouts with supplier partners.
Protect your bottom dollar.
New research found that nearly one in four people are scammed by third-party booking sites, translating to a loss of more than $5.7 billion. Make sure the money you saved for a special vacation goes into the right hands with a trusted travel advisor (reputable agents often list their accreditations on their website).
Don’t go it alone.
Life is unpredictable. If a personal issue finds you needing to rebook – and fast – there’s no one better to have on your side in a pinch than a travel advisor. They know what phone numbers to call and whom to speak with, so you’re not on the line for an hour waiting for an operator, just to be transferred to a different department. Sometimes, personal relationships with general managers and other suppliers allow them to work around items like a no-refund deposit.
Get important, up-to-date information.
When there are changes in documents needed to travel, or travel visa requirements, you’ll always be in the know. Take, for example, October 2020’s REAL ID deadline, which most Americans are unprepared for. Travel advisors are keeping them informed and reminding them to complete the necessary steps, so there are no surprises when they go to the airport.
USA Visa: ESTA adds new challenges for visitors from Visa Waiver Countries
Planning to visit the United States, and you are not a citizen of Canada or the U.S?
Canadian citizens are now the only visitors allowed entry to the United States of America without a visa.
The United States remains a popular travel and tourism destination, but when it comes to immigration, not a very welcoming destination for many and by international standards.
However since 2007 travelers from an increasing list of countries, were allowed to enter the U.S. on ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, also known as Visa-Waiver travel.
Previously, if you forgot to apply, or didn’t realize your old Esta had expired, you could complete the forms online at the airport and hope to get approved on the spot.

But the US has now quietly dropped the promise of ‘instant approval’ and says you should apply for an Esta at least 72 hours before your departure date.
 The U.S. is also asking for more information, including an optional section to list your Facebook social media names.
If you’ve been arrested, cautioned or convicted of a crime in the UK, you’re more likely to be pushed off Esta and forced to go to the American Embassy for a visa instead. The ESTA application is simple, despite the new rules. Travelers should be aware of private for-pay websites to apply for ESTA, when in fact the best and cheapest way is to go directly to the U.S. Government website

Countries listed below can apply for Visa Waiver:

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